Química Carioca has a wide range of chemical products for industrial use, serving the most diverse applications. We also work in the leather segment through first-line inputs with high technology and low environmental impact. In addition, all products are certified and undergo a rigorous pre-shipment approval process, thus ensuring quality for our customers. See more:


Química Carioca is composed of professionals with solid technical and academic training in the areas of chemistry and international business. It operates in the Brazilian industrial chemicals market as a business agent and value-added reseller, providing access channels for clients to purchase products from the world's largest manufacturers. It is strategically located in the city of Franca, state of São Paulo, an important footwear shoe polo pole in Brazil.



Avenida Alberto Pulicano, 4595
Distrito Industrial
CEP 14406-100
Franca – SP


FONE: +55 16 3721.9936

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Promoting business in an agile and innovative way. That meets the needs of our business partners in a sustainable way contributing to its growth.

To be a differentiated company in its field of activity, ensuring financial return to its shareholders, through the development and improvement of its internal and external collaborators. Being among the two largest suppliers in the segments where it operates.


Customer satisfaction; Appreciation and respect for people; Focus on results; Integrity and Excellence with clients and partners; Social and Environmental Responsibility.